Isn't social media marketing taking the place of email marketing

Email marketing still exists; social media marketing does not. Email marketing is still a crucial part of a full digital marketing plan, even while social media marketing is a useful tool for connecting with clients and promoting your business.
With the help of email marketing, you can establish a direct channel of connection with your clients and potential consumers by sending them customised messages right to their inbox. With the use of highly targeted email marketing campaigns, you can create messages that are tailored to particular audience segments based on their actions, interests, and preferences.
In order to maximise your marketing results, social media and email marketing should be used in tandem as complementing techniques. You could, for instance, utilise email marketing to send tailored messages and encourage conversions after using social media to raise brand recognition and interact with your audience.
In conclusion, email marketing and social media marketing are both important parts of a full digital marketing plan. They both have particular benefits and uses.
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