Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance Service

After starting the site on the server, the maintenance plays an important role in success. For proper marketing of the website, your work and updating are required. Website maintenance includes viewing, editing and modifying web pages so that your site is up to date and pleasant. The inclusion of new web pages is also included in maintenance services. We assume that if you want to see some or all of the web pages or add additional web pages and information according to the company's needs. In order to help you store information on the Internet, we offer several options at ARwebTrack for  web maintenance service.
  • Updating content, messages, articles, etc
  • Can replace images
  • Add or remove web pages
  • You can save a newsletter and a mailing list
  • Manipulate and add images (images provided by the customer)
  • Website modification and optimization of search engine web pages
  • Change the design of templates and websites
  • We store the current local backup of your site.
  • Updates should be provided as much as possible via email. Updates can be sent by mail.
  • Maintenance will keep the site updated; It is not intended for reconstruction.
  • We do not control third-party websites and are not responsible for the loss of information resulting from the actions on these sites.
  • Although we do everything to make correct changes to your site, the client is responsible for searching for updates right now and notifying us of any necessary changes that need to be made. If a customer needs to make changes due to his own mistake, our regular hourly rates are updated in accordance with the company's policy.
Web Maintenance Service
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